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Metro Health Club 40 wanted to bring the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents to San Antonio. The Club 40 program focuses on two assets: positive identity and commitment to learning. The program believes that a young person who can identify their motivators can create goals to make their dreams come true.


esd developed the Metro Health WORTH program, which included a digital brand platform, the identity, and student/teacher workbooks.
We created a website that supported Club 40’s goal of enabling students to define career paths that helped them identify their dream job. After registering on the site, students completed The Goal, a shortened version of The Goal Book produced for Club 40 classes. The Goal asked students a series of questions. After students completed the activity, the website produced a printable “Congratulations” poster summarizing the answers, outlining the dream and the next steps to a brighter future.
In addition to the activity, esd developed these special features for the Club 40 program:

  • Complete version of the Developmental Assets
  • Resource directory of college planning, youth support and university websites
  • Photo gallery of Club 40 enrollees accomplishing their missions
  • Posters in two San Antonio middle schools to promote the site
  • Ticket to Success mini-flyers given to Club 40 members to share with their classmates

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Executed program in schools

Achieved a 90 percent student commitment rate