Brand Strategy



Business Situation

With increasing competition in the healthcare market, University Health System (UHS) made the decision to rebrand itself to revitalize the brand and more tightly identify with its sister institution, the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. UHS wanted to educate the voting public about the positive healthcare impact UHS makes in the community. Further, consistent visual brand identity had been a challenge, so any change in strategy needed to ensure consistent brand standards.


We spent several months working with the corporate communications team reviewing, researching, and developing a new identity, messaging (both internal and external communications), and corporate positioning to differentiate UHS from the competition. After intense competitive market research, analysis and public opinion gathering, we collaborated with the UHS team to develop a new brand strategy. After developing new visual brand standards, all UHS facilities, programs, signage, and collateral now feature the new identity and a new attitude of vital service to public health.

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Over the past 15 years UHS has changed its image among consumers and is now recognized as a top U.S. News & World Report Healthcare Provider