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The armed forces bring a new structure, a new career, and oftentimes new travel opportunities to the lives of its enlisted. Moving, even for work, can be exciting, but traveling and experiencing new lands, languages and cultures with your family for fun is even more exhilarating. This fact motivated the Air Force Services Agency’s take on a proactive initiative with their Information, Tickets & Travel (ITT) program and to promote its on-base travel agency services for active, reserve and retired military members and their families.


The Air Force Services Agency needed an identity and a strategy. After exploring the intrinsic value that ITT brought to the lives of military families, and tearing apart the thesaurus for words, phrasing and messaging that would convey this concept accurately, esd landed on the phrase, “Just go!”
Now that we had the basics of ITT’s brand identity nailed down, it was time to get proactive and begin the marketing strategy. esd created ITT’s web presence. The site’s navigation was simple and its content aimed to prospective ITT base partners and military families searching for a vacation time travel agent. Four key areas guided prospects to learn more about the program, locate the nearest ITT office, start their own ITT office or directly contact ITT. In addition to the basic 4-1-1 and the top 10 reasons to join the ITT base family, the site featured dynamic, custom-made videos..and a lot of them!
With the ITT’s online component securely in place, esd developed the direct call-to-action—their sales kit—which included:

  • A vibrant PowerPoint presentation
  • An ITT meet & greet invitation letter
  • A quick look overview brochure
  • A sales packet complete with folder and sales inserts

We highlighted the program’s value to bases using dynamic copy and provided ITT presenters key points for their presentation delivery. With the new presentation and notes in hand, ITT would have a difficult time failing to expand their program and services. As a follow-up to the presentation’s pomp and circumstance, we crafted an accompanying sales packet and quick look brochure.

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Increased travel booking on key bases