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Businesses rely on name recognition. When your organization is as big as the YMCA of Greater San Antonio, it’s easy to get comfortable with letting your brand do all the work for you. YMCA’s leadership recognized the market share they were leaving on the table and decided to expand their presence through traditional and interactive strategies.

  • Web organization was not targeted to enrollment
  • Ads did not maximize potential revenue from key segments
  • There was no way to monitor successful strategies


YMCA needed a comprehensive effort to boost enrollment in its programming. A successful marketing campaign should integrate all forms of promotion and branding in one package. Print advertisements should point customers to the exact web spot they need. A microsite can be a valuable tool for directing customers to just what they want, when they want it. esd’s microsite strategy for YMCA focused entirely on newly-defined audiences. By pairing our interactive strategy with targeted advertising, customers saw quick results and YMCA experienced revenue growth. We developed traditional materials to promote YMCA’s programming in a clear, concise, and friendly fashion. Making sure that no one would get lost at any step of the buyer process, esd created a microsite with enrollment front-of-center, driving all web traffic to revenue generation. Digital and print advertisements redirected customers to this new microsite, increasing conversions. Targeted e-blasts gave key audiences updates on information they felt they needed most. To ensure it stayed this way, esd set up a tracking program so that YMCA could monitor the results, such as:

  • Effectiveness of print marketing materials
  • Improvement of clicks-to-register by 75 percent
  • Strategizing of a focused promotional campaign with pay-per-click ads
  • Integration of digital and print advertisements
  • Streamlining all customer enrollment
  • Incorporating analytics tracking for more effective future promotions

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Increased Year-Over-Year enrollment by 50 percent

Improved clicks-to-register by 75 percent

Attracted thousands more unique visitors to YMCA