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Business Situation

Did you know 50 percent of Goodwill’s revenue is derived from the placement of skilled labor for companies in San Antonio, as well as throughout the state? Few others did either. With that identity crisis in mind, Goodwill wanted to reinvent its brand to communicate its diverse roles as a destination for workplace talent solutions, job services, and retail shopping. esd needed to reposition Goodwill’s online and offline services to new markets: develop promotional campaigns targeted toward more affluent demographics and ensure that their interactive presence gave equal treatment to each hub of their business. The challenges were great:

  • Under-targeted markets of middle-class and affluent consumers
  • No integration of platform, administration, and content tools
  • Few available analytics on key web elements


To target new demographics, esd reimagined their interactive presence and used digital marketing formulas to generate buzz. They promoted events at Goodwill oriented toward younger and more affluent buyers, such as a Halloween costume contest and experimental blogger workshops. Shopping habits have evolved, and digital media development is essential to reach affluent and middle-class markets. By tapping research on non-profit websites and various crowd-sourcing fundraising platforms, esd revamped the site, developing SEO content and URL migration mapping in less than 90 days. esd developed a Google Maps custom store locator, an online donation widget, social media integration,  search function, and audio/video branding to improve awareness of Goodwill across the board.
The ability to easily manage the site allows Goodwill to leverage it as an information hub and destination for employers and consumers alike.

  • Modernized Goodwill’s design and image
  • Created a buzz around Goodwill as a hot-spot for young shoppers
  • Used open-source CMS solutions to organize site content
  • Connected Goodwill content to other partner sites
  • Maximized usability for mobile devices by incorporating responsive web design
  • Transformed Goodwill’s website into a marketing hub
  • Executed marketing events
  • Increased social footprint and measurable impressions

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10-week site delivery

Web responsiveness increase

Improved connectivity to untapped audiences

Brand revamp

Generation of consumer involvement