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When you manage $3 billion in assets, your brand should reflect your reputation. Having just gone through the biggest financial disruption since the Great Depression, Century Management’s leadership learned that their great name and word-of-mouth referrals were not enough to overcome the hesitation to invest in the marketplace; in times of economic turmoil, clients must have confidence that a company managing billions in assets can protect their funds in a timely, professional manner.
Their brand presence did not deliver the professionalism required in this “new” market. They required a marketing strategy that codified their web traffic, increased client conversions and unified their brand – a marketing strategy that would signal the magnitude of their company and digitally showcase their capabilities. esd worked to help Century Management overcome the hurdles they faced:

  • 1990s web presence with no UI evolution
  • Coherent brand consistency and standards
  • Nonexistent marketing materials


When a company’s brand is not unified across all customer channels, followers see and experience a lack of professionalism. A strategic marketing initiative assumes the interactive presence is at the center of your brand, with the traditional tactics woven in. The interactive elements deliver a package of information access, advertisement, and credibility to your target audience.
After reviewing Century Management’s bank of information, we crafted a strategy that allowed their brand presence to flourish online and offline. The brand was revitalized from the ground up. To ensure that every aspect of the company’s image was connected, esd:

  • Integrated all educational content in a data library
  • Created a brand standard guidebook that applies to every piece of sales material
  • Positioned web content to communicate a stronger marketing focus
  • Developed marketing and sales material to impress, inform, and sell current clients
  • Matched web standards to performance standards

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Increased web traffic by 33 percent

Decreased bounce rate by 26 percent

Increased client conversions