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Business Situation

EndoMune Advanced Probiotic came to esd needing to improve product sales and
Increase its visibility, which required a total brand makeover to stand toe-to-toe with well-known brands in the huge national health supplement market. Developing a new face for a brand in the crowded supplement arena dictated a number of tactics, including a redesigned logo and product labeling and a reorganized website, featuring easy-to-access information and a more robust shopping cart that better tracked customer and vendor orders and communicated with their existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
The major challenges esd identified were:

  • Brand loyalty needed a major boost
  • Online ordering for consumers was difficult
  • Product information was hard for vendors, physicians, and consumers to access on EndoMune’s website


After conducting extensive research, esd built a marketing plan to distinguish EndoMune from the competition. First, esd did a full-scale redesign and repositioning of the EndoMune logo and product packaging, highlighting the product’s roots – its development by a board-certified gastroenterologist – and strong key health benefits to enhance product quality and loyalty.
esd gave the EndoMune website a similar facelift, using the same attractive design elements from its refreshed product packaging and reorganizing many pages of helpful information with reader friendly layouts. We reorganized website navigation to target key questions that EndoMune’s distribution and customer audiences would have about the product. esd developed a content marketing strategy with a blog to raise awareness of probiotics. We drove traffic to the website via blog posts promoted on Facebook and Twitter. We also built a Health A-Z probiotic information encyclopedia as part of the website that described the many health conditions EndoMune could treat or eliminate so that customers could discover new reasons to try it.
Lastly, esd optimized the website’s shopping cart, creating a more robust CRM system portal that recalled and tracked customer orders and sent them timed reminders, referral incentives and strategically timed deals. esd also developed a CRM system for handling vendor product requests quickly and simply. With the back-end done, esd could focus on its multimedia strategy and outreach including:

  • Developing attractive in-store collateral pieces
  • Placing ads in strategic online venues
  • Redesigning the e-newsletter in format and content

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37 percent growth in web traffic

Distribution agreement with H-E-B

Double-digit sales increases each month