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Business Situation

Already a recognized brand and leading expert in unique wall and portable air conditioning units for more than 130 years, Friedrich Air Conditioning had a professional, customer-service-oriented website that clearly communicated the value of its Kühl line. The success of that website in generating sales prompted Friedrich to explore new online tools to promote their products more effectively. The obstacles esd identified:

  • Designing a mobile-friendly web presence
  • Creating a customized shopping experience for each consumer
  • Needing a robust search engine marketing campaign to drive web traffic
  • Designing places for customers to go based on solid search engine marketing principles


After completing our evaluation, our tech team began restructuring and redesigning Friedrich’s online shopping experience for mobile devices. Creating an interactive e-cart, instantaneous contact features, sizing guides and help manuals gave them a leg up on their digitally resistant competitors. Building a mobile friendly web presence was just the first hurdle. Driving traffic to these new portals was the other key challenge.
After conducting extensive research, we tested a variety of Google AdWords-driven ads to rank their effectiveness. The final steps in this process included:

  • Performing keyword research
  • Developing relevant landing page content
  • Creating 20 different ads for 2-week A/B testing
  • Selecting top 6 interactive ads for 8-week campaign
  • Perform daily analytics and tracking for optimum performance

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26 percent increase in conversions (sales)

Growing 19 new markets nationwide

59 percent improvement in onsite web traffic

Reducing PPC rates by 37 percent

44 percent of Friedrich’s website traffic is search engine-generated