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Business Situation

Institute for Women’s Health (IFWH) and its Advanced Fertility Center approached esd with the desire for an integrated marketing strategy. We recommended a set of marketing tactics and a short and long-term implementation strategy to quickly increase the number of customers going to each of their nine locations throughout San Antonio. This process required an intense amount of research and design. The major challenges esd identified were:

  • The company lacked an understanding of the benefits each of their target markets wants in a women’s health clinic. In other words, they lacked a unique selling proposition (USP).
  • There was a lack of monitoring and adjustment protocol in their marketing strategy, making it very difficult for them to collect relevant feedback and make the right adjustments to their marketing strategy and business as a whole.
  • Their website, the portal for the majority of their appointments, was not mobile-friendly and not optimized for SEO or for user conversions.


We began by developing a SWOT analysis. esd recommended a combination of marketing tactics that would allow them to perform well in the short-term and build sustainability for the long-term. To ensure our short-term results, we primarily relied on PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising on Google. Using this tactic allowed us to capture appointments in an affordable way and gather beneficial insights on the value propositions our target markets were seeking. These insights proved to be extremely important for developing a sustainable keyword strategy for optimizing the website’s content for SEO purposes. While this PPC campaign was running, we also focused on optimizing their website for conversions and SEO as the long-term tactic. We approached this task in four phases:

  • Optimize website architecture for conversions
  • Maximize usability for mobile by using responsive design
  • Content marketing optimization
  • Create buzz and link building

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Organic searches grew by 16.5 percent over a year

PPC cost per conversion dropped 56 percent within a 4-month period

SEO efforts increased external inbound links by 75 percent, making IFWH’s

Website the highest authority among its competitors