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Technical Strategy

Business Situation

The San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA) offers visitors a wealth of exhibitions and activities to do, see and learn about. However, their established web presence limited their ability to quickly and easily share information with the public. The Museum needed to revamp its system as soon as possible. When the San Antonio Museum of Art decided to update its website, the organization not only needed a new and creative design, but it had to develop a digital marketing hub with e-commerce capability to convert the web-browsing public into paying customers for exhibits and special events.


esd created a simple and elegant website with robust technical features, including an e-commerce system that tracks purchases of tickets, merchandise, educational workshops and exhibits, and a completely new calendar and event system for SAMA.
The new systems in place have:

  • Multiple administrator access points, approval and data submission capabilities
  • Multi-image and video upload capabilities
  • Multifunctional information fields
  • Built-in auto-linking capabilities

As a hub for traditional and online advertising, the website’s e-communication system plays a critical role in it’s revenue growth. This sophisticated system allows administrators to quickly and easily send event notifications to highly specific, self-appointed visitor groups. The site calendars feature links to an RSVP system where customers and museum staff can keep track of attendance for events. These changes have resulted in increased sales and participation as esd’s work has helped to convert leads into sales.

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A nearly 50 percent increase in Page Views over previous years

450 percent increase in e-commerce conversion

275 percent increase in e-commerce revenue