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A full-flavored lager with significant carbonation, pilsner has the same pedigree as champagne, a premium beverage for sophisticated tastes. In fierce competition for the pilsner market with two strong challengers, Trumer Pils opened a new brewery in 2003 in Berkeley, Calif., a partnership between the Sigl family in Austria and Gambrinus Company based in San Antonio. Seven years later, Trumer Pils wanted to re-ignite the brand by launching a marketing campaign in a number of new markets with a fresh interactive and mobile friendly website design at the center of its campaign. The major challenges esd identified:

  • Creating separation between other pilsner brands leaning on more traditional imaging and marketing strategies
  • Developing a fresh face for a 400-year-old brand
  • Crafting engagement strategies that attract a younger, but more sophisticated audience


esd avoided such stuffiness by embracing Trumer Pils’ joie de vivre spirit of Einfach Leben: Simply live. Here’s how esd successfully broke the marketing mold for Trumer Pils:

  • Borrowing from the new and old to forge a modern marketing identity with depth that matches its Simply Live philosophies
  • Incorporating this brand’s core values – Purity, Tradition, Life and Love – as key website design elements
  • Capturing an ambiance matching the sophisticated market for Trumer Pils, 21- to 35-year-old consumers with discerning tastes for premium lager beers
  • Putting Trumer Pils’ involvement with the arts front-and-center

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