Business Situation

Drunk driving awareness has firmly established itself with adults, but the worst, most tragic accidents happen to intoxicated adolescents. University Health System and the Texas Department of Transportation wanted to break the silence, and appeal directly to teens.


esd started by going directly to the target, conducting focus groups with teens to discover attitudes and values, explore cultural and affinity segmentation and test message approaches. MacArthur and Harlandale High Schools became test campuses. A thorough discovery process was used to establish a valid approach. Consulting closely with our client-partners, esd developed a key identity that has since become a nationwide campaign: “UBooze, UCruise, ULose.” Hip, memorable and resonant with the target audience, the campaign’s success resulted primarily because it was implemented with relentless efficiency. “UBooze, UCruise, ULose” became a local – then statewide – then national sensation. The widespread ad campaign in San Antonio attracted attention from schools, safety organizations and law enforcement. TX DOT published the campaign statewide, the campaign was released to the public domain and began appearing throughout the nation. In addition to billboards, point of sale and broadcast PSAs, “UBooze, UCruise, ULose” appeared everywhere, from school notebooks to police cars.

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Campaign went National

Purchased by TXDOT