Creating SEO Home Runs
Major League Baseball will be opening their season in a few days. With baseball every team begins with zero losses and zero wins no matter what happened in the season before. Besides, the tallied games the common thread each team has before it hits the game mounds is practice because there is mastery in practice. We’ve been told to practice if our end goal was to hit a home run or win the World Series in the sport of baseball. The same could be said for the practice of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Who’s on first  

Speaking of baseball, have you ever heard of the baseball joke by the comedian actors, Abbott and Costello, “Who’s on first?”  This is exactly where you start the practice. You need to know who is first in ranking when in search of keywords associated with your business. Knowing your business is key to determining your web pages theme, keywords, your potential consumers and your competitors. You begin the first practice to take your business to the number one ranking by knowing your business competitors. Once you’ve determined who is on first you would use a page analyzer on your competitor’s web page. The page analyzer determines the keywords used in their content and whom they are attracting in traffic and conversion. The application will give the details to the HTML. The HTML is made up of the meta and title, which contain the sites theme and keywords. This is essential to placing your page in a high-ranking position.

What’s on second?

Your next practice is to determine what’s on your website. Is the content SEO friendly enough to be viewed as mobile friendly? Your content needs to include video, links, theme, and keyword named files while building your brand. A search engine wants your site to be user-friendly. The way a page downloads is also a factor in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  Writing original content to incorporate all these factors is what adds value and pushes your site to higher ranking while creating a well sought after site to share. Even looking for long tail keywords is becoming a desired practice to incorporate. However, content will always be king when it comes to ranking in a search engine. Pages that have content that is more than pushing a product or service but offers useful information to the user do better.

I don’t know is on third

We will never be given the algorithm for Google. Spammers make it impossible to run a clean search engine site.  We will have to work with the unknowns and use different analytic programs to assist with determining what competing businesses are doing to gain the first position. While ensuring that our end user is finding the value of your brand by using the keywords to interest and meet their needs with the content of your website. This content should be 1000 to 1200 words of useful original content related to your business. Have a content strategy in place to help with keeping up with the trend changes. One effective strategy is guest blogging. It helps with social shares from your website to creating contact with a broader audience.

Hit your home run

Stay on the top of the game to hit that home run. Create a SEO calendar not only to be diligent in your analysis but also to engage in with your audience through social media. Just like the game of baseball you have to know when to play and who is at bat. Your social monitoring helps you keep tabs on when people are searching for your company or brand name. Develop relationship with other business players in your market and engage with them to increase your audience and reach.  What worked for one month may not work the next.  So Let’s play the game of SEO and determine who’s on First.