Graphic Design Trends In 2018
Whether you are looking for inspiration for a new design or just want to learn about this year’s trends, look no further. 2018 is full of great design trends I’m sure will get those creative juices flowing. I am looking forward to seeing more of double exposure, double lighting and creative typography.
Double Exposure  
Designing with a double exposure has been gaining popularity in recent years. It’s a technique that involves a lot of image manipulating between two images. The end result is one image with a portion of the second image standing out. I’ve seen it everywhere from movie posters to book covers. I feel that this creativity helps express the story behind the design. It’s an amazing way to reach out and grab the attention of the viewer.

Double lighting
Double lighting sounds like a photography technique, but its actually done in design production. Double light takes on the effect from two separate light sources or two separate color channels, creating a retro yet modern look. It’s a composition that can easily create new shapes with just the right amount of light. I recently found a local band promoting an upcoming show using double light as part of their promoting, and I feel this trend will become more common as the year goes on.

Rivers Wants; Photo by Matt Sevier
Creative Typography
Creative typography is still a favorite among designers. It’s a combination of creativity, imagination, and technique straight from the mind of the designer. I love the idea that I can take this design in any direction I want. There is no wrong or right way when it comes to creative typography. You can to find an endless number of styles that could work on one word. Handmadefonts on Instagram is a great source to find cool examples and gain inspiration!

I’m excited to see how designers use these trends in 2018. When you have the time, I recommend you read through this article and see what 2018 has in store. Click on the link to read more,
Written By: Andrew Gonzales