The Importance of Grammar 

In today’s technological society, many first impressions are not made face-to-face. Instead, website copy, printed collateral, and emails often serve as the initial contact between companies and potential clients. It has become increasingly important to take care with not only what you write, but also how you write it.
Grammar is the modern day suit and tie. When you want to make a good impression face-to-face, you typically put on your best suit. While the outfit may not directly relate to your job, it shows you are a professional who takes pride in what you do. Similarly, grammar may not be a marketable aspect of your company, but it serves as a visual representation of your professionalism and shows that you care enough to make an effort. In other words: It provides a good first impression.
When used correctly, grammar should go unnoticed. Its sole purpose is to strengthen your copy and make your message easier to understand while providing an air of subtle competence. It presents your company in the best light – as detail-oriented and knowledgeable – but its absence can make potential clients and customers doubt your company’s abilities and expertise.
Poorly written copy can cloud your messaging and make the reading experience so difficult that the reader decides to go elsewhere. The good news is this can be easily prevented:

    • Double-check your grammar, punctuation and syntax before posting or sending anything.
    • Don’t be afraid to use Google or AP Style’s online resources if you’re unsure of proper usage.
    • Be sure to have at least one other person read through the copy before it is finalized.
    • Try to get an outside perspective to ensure clarity of meaning.

To recap, your copy is often the first impression a potential client or customer gets about your business. With proper grammar, you can use this to your advantage and leave potential clients feeling confident and ready to move forward with your company.