Amidst the hustle and bustle this holiday season, you might notice a creative marketing campaign capturing your attention. Sometimes it might feel as if brands are spamming you with holiday emails, social media posts and TV commercials. These marketing tactics are encouraged to help boost fourth quarter sales. 
As a business, you have several tactics to choose from to meet sales goals this holiday season. 

  •  Email Promotions — Send emails with special discounts, e.g., “entire store up to 60% off.”
  •  Web Traffic Ads — Create targeted ads that direct people searching for presents for your popular products.
  •  Retargeting Ads — Create ads that bring your target audience, who may not have completed a purchase, back to your website. 
  •  “Boosted” Social Posts  — If you’re looking to interact with your audience on social media, consider a paid campaign to increase “likes” and shares of your posts.

With strategic use of these tactics, your brand can have a successful marketing campaign. Here are a few examples of effective holiday campaigns that date back to the 1920s:
Coca-Cola: Go Against Tradition and Iterate (1923)

“It’s always risky to go against tradition. But remember …
Coca-Cola iterated for nearly a decade before their Santa became the new standard.”
Sears: The OG of Gift Guides (1933)
“Long before social media, before the internet, before TV advertising … there was the Sears Wish Book.”

“Within its pages were products like the “Miss Pigtails” doll, an electric train set and car — listed as “An Entirely New Idea” — fruitcakes, a five-pound box of chocolates, and live singing canaries.”
Starbucks: Holiday Cups Evolution (2015)
“Jumping on the holiday branding bandwagon, Starbucks started redesigning their cups for the holidays. Patrons grew anxious year-after-year to see what festive designs the coffee mega-giant would have.”

Amazon: Give A Little Bit (2017)
“The holidays are a time to give. Give joy. Give love. Give … presents. And Amazon, the e-commerce giant, wanted to remind everyone.”

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