In a world that becomes increasingly difficult to grab and hold the attention of consumers, videos are becoming more useful in helping a brand get noticed. A well executed video gives potential clients insight into what a business or organization is about, what it stands for, and its overall mission. Nevertheless, it can be a challenge for businesses to create a video that will stand out in today’s cluttered world of digital marketing. Here are a few ideas to ensure your video doesn’t get lost in the shuffle:

  • Center your video around the story:
    Try not to focus on the sale. Instead, have your video emphasize the value your business provides for your customers. Your video should be more of a story than a sales pitch. If you’re worried about pitching your product, a call for action towards the end could work without coming across too “pitchy.”
  • Create personable and relatable content:
    Consider a video testimonial or a success story showcasing how your product has helped others. A good success story has a clear message, and can be effective for any business, organization, service or product.
  • Set yourself apart:
    See what other businesses in your industry are doing and create a video that will stand out among them. Creating a video that shows your business or service in action can set you apart from similar products in the industry, and could help build trust.
  • Engage your audience with a good question:
    If used correctly, starting your video with a compelling question can help retain your audience long enough to wait for an answer. Most people lose their audience in the first 10 seconds of their video, it is imperative you make those first seconds the best you can.
  • Don’t be afraid to use humor:
    While some subjects are inevitably serious, using humor for some content will ensure your video doesn’t get too boring. If you’re worried about making a serious subject appear too funny, try using humor sparingly such as in the beginning, the ending or during a small part of the video instead of its entirety.
  • Understand the platform:
    Videos created for social media tend to be much shorter than videos created for a television commercial. Posting a video on a social media platform that is too long will almost guarantee your message doesn’t get watched all the way through. You also want to ensure your video is optimized so potential customers are able to watch it on mobile devices.

A good well thought out video can be the catalyst that sets you apart from competitors. When done properly, a creative commercial can grab someone’s attention, creating potential customers and expanding your brand’s awareness.
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