The world of content marketing is always changing. We are constantly challenged by an increasingly educated and savvier consumer, who is quick to move on to the next thing. That’s why it’s important to ensure you have fresh, creative content that remains purposeful. The right content creates an added value for your business and in the eyes of today’s consumers. Establishing what’s in it for your customers goes hand in hand with gaining their trust, and establishing your business as an industry expert.

  • Connect to establish trust. One way to do this is by sharing user generated content from your audience. Showing that you aren’t the only one promoting your business creates a realistic aspect to your brand. This connection becomes the platform for a loyal customer base.
  • Who doesn’t love a contest? Adding mystery and excitement to your social media platforms are a great way to boost interest. This simple tactic increases exposure and creates an opportunity to potentially grow your audience. A clear and simple giveaway is a sure way to get your audience actively engaged with your brand.
  • Produce content that encourages consumers to create their own brand experience. Content that invites customers to tag a friend, fill in the blank, or comment allows them to actively take part in the brand experience. This two-way interaction creates a positive brand experience and increases awareness by attracting new potential clients. Allowing your audience to share their opinion or share with a friend is a fun way to have them be a part of your brand.
  • Create content that allows for fun brand transparency. Try showcasing the day-to-day activities of your business. This helps customers see your business beyond the computer monitor. Posting behind the scenes insights of your business, helps establish a personal relationship with your audience. Establishing this level of trust could go a long way in making your audience feel more comfortable in engaging in your future posts.
  • Creating polls are also a great way to increase engagement and add variety to your social media platforms. They can directly relate to your services, help your audience feel heard, all while finding insights to help with your brand’s strategy.
  • Live videos are also a way to engage your audience and keep their attention. They can produce instant gratification from your viewers if they can take away something from the information provided. They are flexible and allow for creativity to spark positive engagement from your audience.
  • Keep everyone on the same page. When producing your content, remember that it should remain consistent across all your social media platforms, blogs and website. It should share the same voice, tone and style to keep the perception of your business strong, and ensure current and prospective customers do not confuse your personal brand.