Every company strives to get the image of their brand out in the public eye. One way you can achieve this is by enlisting the help of brand ambassadors—individuals who embody your company’s values and beliefs. This can help customers attach a name to a relatable face and establish a brand identity that makes the connection to your business more personable. You can allow consumers from anywhere to become brand ambassadors by sharing their experiences on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

In today’s world of marketing and outreach, an ambassador can simply be someone who helps lead a brand and its values in the right direction. The ambassador acts as the face of a brand and can maintain an image or reputation. Finding a brand ambassador isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Depending on your goals and objectives—and your ambassador program—most anyone who truly believes in your brand has the potential to be a brand ambassador.

That being said, it is always important to stay consistent when outlining your brand. Who you choose to represent your company has a direct effect on how people remember your brand. This person can create trust that can result in a loyal customer base. Make sure they are well educated and stay up to date on the culture and values of your business.

Also, keep in mind that there is a difference between a brand ambassador and a spokesperson. Ambassadors act as a more reliable source because they typically have direct and long-lasting ties with the company they are representing. A spokesperson can be hired and paid to their recommendations. The testimonials given by an ambassador hold truth and meaning, acting as a more credible source for a consumer.

All in all, remember your brand ambassador should always promote your brand and its products to their networks in a constructive way. This is aimed not only at increasing positive brand awareness, but driving sales.

Below we’ve compiled a list of pointers you might want to consider before venturing out in search of a brand ambassador.

  • Take it slow in the beginning.
    When you’re starting something new for your business, it’s tempting to want to do it all yourself to ensure it get’s done efficiently and correctly. However, seeking out the services and expertise of an agency helps set up a framework for success. Allowing the brand marketers to focus on clear set-out objectives without worrying about the nuances of your business will help keep eyes on the prize. If you are thinking about ramping up a brand ambassador program, consider consulting with one of esd’s digital marketing experts before you launch out full speed ahead into unchartered waters.
  • Clearly define your goals.
    Be realistic. Try identifying ten of your clients who do what they love more effectively while using your product. Herein lies the key to successfully utilizing a brand ambassador. Don’t waste time trying to convert people into users, instead convert actual users into advocates.
  • Construct a strategy.
    Start simple. Call it a “Trial.” The word trial has unlimited possibilities for fails and successes without the emotional baggage. Consider all options without bias. While many businesses lack the budget to work with celebrities, they may find it easy to categorize potential brand ambassadors by social media following size, field experience or simply overwhelming enthusiasm. Prioritizing the groups and focusing on one at a time will help get the program moving forward quickly.
  • Don’t forget the WIFM (What’s In It For Me) concept.
    One of the most interesting things some ambassador programs have is how many touch points the marketing team has developed between the brand and their ambassadors. When starting a brand ambassador program, you need to ask yourself the question: “What does my community/user base value, and how can I deliver that to them?” You may consider offering regular discounts on certain products, or even send them to annual brand ambassador summits that are aimed at inspiring ambassadors year round. Another incentive is a four-letter word all ambassadors know well, SWAG. Swag has become a common element of businesses with brand ambassador programs. After all, it only makes sense for your brand ambassadors to live and love the product, right?
  • Get the most out of your ambassadors in your marketing and advertising efforts.
    Creating opportunities for your brand ambassadors to engage with your audience via events, social media engagement, and swag to share with others. Brand ambassador programs maximize value by utilizing every bit of talent in major campaigns. Benefits can include increased motivation to participate in you brand ambassador program as well as creating additional behind the scenes content covering your marketing efforts. That kind of authentic content leaves a lasting impression on consumers and may differentiate you in competitive markets.