Our decades of experience tell us that the best way to market to millennials is to not market to millennials. The key is to improve customer experience and personalization when developing a marketing strategy, rather than resorting to flashy ads or trendy stunts.

That’s because when it comes to garnering brand loyalty, it’s about ensuring to take care of the basics. Millennials are no exception. Quality and trust are important, but for today’s informed buyer, usefulness and purpose cannot be ignored.

Here at esd, we’ve made it our mission to understand how and why millennials choose where and what they buy, and we’ve discovered that they prefer brands that will serve them well and leave the best impression.

According to a report from the University of California, Millennials are willing to engage with brands when they are presented with creative, authentic content.

Ultimately, millennials are searching for an optimal customer experience just like every other consumer, albeit in distinct areas. The key is defining those areas and how they relate to your business.

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