The short answer is yes. When thinking about your marketing strategy, it’s still a good idea to include a portion of your budget for print advertising. Print offers advantages other forms of advertising lack. If you’re thinking about where and how to allocate your advertising dollars to obtain the best return on your investment, don’t forget to include print. Consider the following advantages print advertising has to offer.


Print offers greater flexibility. Whether you’re looking to reach local shoppers, dads, female golfers or young millennials, print offers ways to easily target your audience. You can run an ad in Sunday’s paper or choose to include one in a magazine targeted to specific interests such as golf. Additionally, if you find yourself making a change or update to a print ad, it’s not a major undertaking like it is with other advertising media.


Unlike internet or social media advertising that comes and goes, print media advertising stays where it’s put. The ad will be in the publication for years to come. That means that years from now, consumers could still see the ads you placed for your product.

Budget Friendly

While TV and radio could be out of reach for many businesses, usually advertisers at all budget levels can find a good print option. While advertising is not cheap, even a local boutique could afford to advertise in the local paper.

Cross Promotable

Look at any print ad’s closing paragraph, and you’re likely to see a redirect to a website for more information or a special offer. That’s because print is exceptionally good at driving readers to wherever you want them to go.

For maximum impact, your marketing campaign should have an integrated strategy that utilizes different types of media, each reinforcing your message and your brand. It’s always a good idea to combine your ads to optimize your campaign.

For help strategizing your campaign strategy to include print, call the advertising professionals at esd. We’ll show you how to optimize your marketing dollars to obtain the best return on your investment.