Branding is the most important aspect of advertising, but just what is it? Simply put, branding is the vibe of your company and products. It is the feelings and ideas customers associate with your brand. Here are 5 tips for better branding:

Decide what your brand is: Are you a hip and trendy company that appeals to young people? A refined, elegant brand that caters to those who enjoy the finer things in life? Or a no frills service that provides just what your customers need at a reasonable price? Once you know what your brand is, you can incorporate it into your business.

Connect with your customers: Millennials don’t trust advertising or marketing buzzwords. It’s not enough to have a well known or popular product. Young people want to buy from brands that represent their social, ethical and personal values. Things like fair trade products and eco friendly packaging can give your business a big boost. 

Create attractive designs: Customers are drawn to aesthetics. Make sure your website, marketing material and products are easy on the eyes.

Invest in social media: Use social media to showcase your products and communicate with customers. You can keep track of trends and understand what your customers are looking for. 

Create good, educational content: Customers are more likely to interact with content about topics that interest them, or content that will teach them about something. Good content will help you stand out from clickbait and ads.