With over 1 million current cases globally and over a quarter-million in the U.S. alone, the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting everyone in all aspects — physically, economically, and mentally. People are worried about their health, overly stressed, and lost in what to do and where to get help. They are also mentally and physically exhausted from trying to digest all the scattered information while trying to find a solution for their business, their family, and themselves.

esd & associates have been rooted in San Antonio for over 27 years. We care deeply for our community and are extremely grateful for the support we have received from our client-partners. As an advertising and marketing agency, we believe we can help by connecting people with the right resources. Therefore, we have created StaySafeSA.com — an online COVID-19 portal that creates a bridge between the community and local resources available to them.

StaySafeSA.com primary role is to help you:

  • Find food and supplies from local restaurants, school meals, and community resources.
  • Deliver resources and information to small businesses & displaced workers in the community.
  • Provide parents with tools and resources to help feed, educate, and entertain their
    children at home.
  • Connect San Antonio residents and seniors with essential resources.
  • Assist our community in finding news and information about COVID-19 and its impact.

Please join us in our community effort. Working together, we can get through this. Contact us if you know any small businesses or information that should be included or updated. We hope this tool is helpful to you. Please share it with your family and friends.